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David-Emmanuel Vivot

Transformation begins from day 1


David-Emmanuel Vivot, Director

" There is nothing permanent except change. "


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Partnership as a vehicle to transmit our DNA


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Culture is stronger than strategy


Transformation requires new ways of combining strategy and culture

"Transformation begins from Day 1"

How can nowadays we still imagine dealing separately with the strategic aspects (economic models, structures, processes…) and the cultural and human ones?

Combining strategy and culture, like two DNA strands, gives life to an organization, builds the necessary elements for this organization to run its functioning, and ensures its growth, its protection and its ability to adapt and to live on. This is why we promote a consulting practice in which intelligent thinking and intelligent action are put to the test in real conditions

Time, rhythm and energy savings are at the heart of our approach.

Managing transformations projects is not a sequential process: there is no before, no after; piloting, maturing, setting the wheels in motion are done in parallel. One needs to take the necessary time, yet being able to speed things up when circumstances are favourable. One does not need to wait to have thought the transformation through and only then define the target before setting the teams in movement…

Unleash the forces of action”

In a complex world, it is necessary to develop the capacity for initiative and continuous learning process of the women and men of a company. But there are two prerequisites:

  • Enable everyone to understand the meaning of action to be able to expand or amplify the effects,
  • Make everyone more autonomous, as this is what promotes Initiative, and the ability to imagine the solution and go for the right behaviour when faced with the unexpected.

​Your company is sustainable as soon as your employees are proud to be part of it, clients prefer your brand over others, shareholders invest in it, and external partners work with you to make it sustainable.

We are committed to bring your company to this point where it will permanently generate its own capacity for transformation.

We are experts in Transformation