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Historically, the consulting business was divided into three segments: strategic consulting, management & organization consulting and IT consulting.

Today, the market is evolving and new kinds of consulting firms are popping up: "corporate strategy" firms, "transformation consulting" for executive management firms and  those for "functional and operational" ones.

Since its creation, Kea has been focused on improving the segment of "transformation consulting" for executive management.
We develop the company with the desire to provide a vision and innovative approaches that set us apart for our clients.
When I took on the presidency of Kea, I had the opportunity to exchange views and beliefs with my colleagues with respect to the company's future:

Our vision? 

We firmly believe that in order to exist and provide added-value to our clients, we need to constantly be on the edge regarding the art of projects execution. We are also convinced that we need to combine strategy and culture to help businesses and organizations achieve sustainable changes and results. And that implies:

1.    Taking into account the impact of the digital 'revolution' on companies and accompaning them on their digital transformation

2.    Helping our clients to adapt to the evolution of their business model

3.    Supporting the development of new economies linked to globalization, in Africa, for instance

4.    Understanding the social and cultural mutations and helping companies to face them

5.    Providing ambitious and responsible answers to environmental and sustainable development challenges

Our ambition?

Sharing our beliefs with our clients and new customers and being present in new sectors such as industry and utilities, on top of our historical ones (consumer goods, distribution, financial services, and services).

Having an international footprint thanks to:

1.    The Transformation Alliance, a network of independent partners that share our values and our vision of the consulting business and that enable our brand to exist along side big international groups.

2.    Entrepreunarial initiatives from our consultants, such as the creation of Kea Maroc in Casablanca and Kea & Partners Latino America in Brazil.

3.    The mobility of our consultants accompanying our French clients with their international projects.

Increasing our know-how by relying on our four fields of expertise: strategy and growth, competitiveness, management & organization and IT management. We also need to develop our skills in new areas to help our clients in their big transformation projects and new challenges:

·        The innovation challenges: by reinforcing our teams with talented consultants and by forming alliances and work with Tilt Ideas 
·        The important challenge of improving collaborators’ skills: we have to increase our collaboration with HR teams to take better care of the collaborators' skills and their development.
·         The technological challenges implied by the current digital transformations.

With 13 years of professional experience, today, we can demonstrate that our vision and approaches of transformation consulting help businesses and organizations to achieve sustainable results. This is the reason why I encourage our consultants to share this vision, to take part in the public debate and to be actors of the society.

We are experts in Transformation