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The mass market model is under considerable strain in mature countries

The boundaries are moving: between consumers who even though reduce their food budget still want to consumer better, raw material costs rise and distributors wage price wars, brands are experiencing growing pains and even difficulties to survive in Europe, even if France has recently been pointed out as an exception.
Food retailing is reinventing itself and testing methods as it goes along: new concepts to counterbalance the decline in non-food competition initiated by specialists and accelerated by internet pure players, development of local offerings, loyalty programs and promotional campaigns in order to win the image price race, digital services as client services and as a driver of competitiveness, (re-) development of local offerings and traditional lines...Can supermarkets maintain their margins?

In emerging countries, the territory to conquer is vast and poses very different questions.

Consumer habits evolve as a factor of urbanization and demographics. More and more women work, which translates into a growing demand for processed food, which is easy to prepare and ready for consumption.
Moreover, new concerns are gradually emerging (health, sustainable development, slimness, quality, new things, etc.) creating new expectations that could be future growth sectors.

Three challenges for consumer goods manufacturers around the world:

Find new growth models. On this point, we are convinced more than ever that manufacturers and distributors had better find solutions together by placing at the heart of the debate the consumer as judge.

  • Work in parallel alongside agricultural co-ops, manufacturers, distributors and joint trade organizations help us gain specific advantages that are valuable when we drive collaborative projects.

Recover or maintain their competitiveness, faced with fluctuations in raw materials and in demand.

  • For these questions, we develop approaches that are at the same time technical and management-oriented. Developing a clear plan that each population understands is, in our opinion, a key for success.

Capture international growth. On this point, the choice of foreign partners and the ability to establish partnerships are the main keys for success.

  • For many years, we accompany several consumer goods manufacturers in Asia, South America, the Middle East and in Africa.

We accompany consumer goods and luxury manufacturers in these 3 areas: growth, competitiveness and globalization. Some examples:

  • The sales and marketing organization, at the local and global scale. Here we place great importance on the efficiency of the marketing relationship/sales/category management.
  • The use of digital media on developing content and on community management.
  • Adapting business and organizations to deal with pure Internet players: logistics requirements, e-category management and e-key-account management./Management of key French and European accounts
  • Defining commercial policies and preparing for negotiations, thanks to ongoing monitoring of the commercial regulatory framework./Industrial and logistics performance.
  • Product innovation and collaborative innovation, especially in collaboration with our partner Tilt?!
  • Brand management/The definition of “go to market”, especially abroad.
  • Searching and establishing foreign partnerships.

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