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Christine Durroux, Senior Partner

“La manière de résister au mondial, c'est la singularité.”

Jean Baudrillard

Le Dialogue Stratégique, alternative aux processus traditionnels


Quart d'Heure d'Avance : la stratégie réincarnée


Marketing agile, réinventez le développement d'offres


La signature relationnelle au service de la marque


To activate or reactivate drivers for internal development, identify external growth drivers: faced with a sluggish economy, it is time for creative strategies, for original brands, for new types of client relationships, for renewed sales organizations… to original and tailored approaches and solutions to questions linked to strategy, marketing or commerce that brands ask themselves every day.

We are convinced that there is not only one but many ways to define strategy, to imagine it, to develop it, to formulate it, and to manage the way it is developed. The method used must be adapted to particular situations, to specific questions that must be answered, to the particular nature of an organization or even its culture and its own way of functioning. In some cases, it may be necessary to conduct a strategic audit to evaluate an investment strategy and to develop the business plans and associated winning strategies; in other areas, to use prospective techniques to develop a positioning related to weak market signals or to rely on an organization’s intangible assets to build a sustainable difference; and finally and more specifically in organizations that have numerous stakeholders, to conceive and implement strategic dialogue approaches, an area in which we innovate.

We are also convinced that the brand, the organizations and marketing process that support, nourish and symbolize it occupy an increasingly important role in an intangible world and we are continuously working on these subjects with our clients. The brand (or brand portfolio) is, in effect, more than a simple component, it is crucial to the strategy. Strong, it represents the internal/external coherence of the positioning and the robustness and agility of organizations that support it, organizations, in addition, that are challenged and torn between the local and the global, between digital and human. Weak, the brand influences the relational signature and the client relationship human as well as digital, another area of action and development in which we innovate, that combines implementation of the brand promise and transformation of marketing and client organizations. 

Finally, distribution strategies and commercial performance remain, in numerous sectors, a key booster for growth. We think that the elements of vision and transformation of the distribution model must be thought out in parallel: with the redefinition of the model and its economic equation, which is often omni-channel nowadays, it is important to anticipate future transformations (professions, behavior, culture …) that are associated to it. By the same token, commercial performance is often affected by the performance of sales teams: how are they organized, motived, evaluated, managed…  These are some of the subjects we address with our clients over the long term in France and abroad.

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