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Sustainable competitiveness: your teams to make a difference!


Stéphanie Nadjarian, Senior Partner

"The essence of competitiveness is liberated when we make people understand that what they think and do is important"

Jack Welsh 



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At a time when competitiveness has become companies’ leitmotiv, they conclude that the nth cost reduction plan or that their lean management projects have not been as successful as they had expected or that the results do not always live up to expectations. A recent survey of American manufacturers shows that 74 % of companies having implemented a Lean approach feel they have not made any real improvements. In each case, the study shows that lack of management control is the cause.
The topic is sustainability. Teams must be able to make a difference and to have the right reflexes to generate sustainable competitiveness.  

Based on more than 10 years of consulting experience in different sectors, in France and abroad, we are convinced that there are several ingredients needed to secure the expected level of performance over time:

Master the technical fundamentals of a company’s different functions: rely on robust processes for all support functions, master good practices with respect to innovation (idea generation, development processes…), be able to implement a management system that suits the supplier relationship in accordance with company objectives, address the weak links in the supply chain (service rate, stock levels…), develop an industrial strategy or deploy a Lean manufacturing approach or activate the right levers to increase the transformation sale rates.
Our consultants combine solid business expertise, acquired during projects and/or when assuming operational responsibility on all major functions of the company: innovation, purchasing, supply-chain, industrial, commercial and support functions and a strong capacity for action.

Bring more value to the client, beyond cost reduction and cost control, by acting on other areas of performance:

  • Work on process efficiency by simplifying processes, especially with Lean management-type approaches, and improve governance (instances, ways to monitor performance and process management…);
  • Develop value by systematically questioning the perceptions and the impact on the different stakeholders;
  • Rethink the positioning and the models in the middle and long term, to express a vision to the teams that is positive and aspirational

Invest in people and key behaviors that should be developed:

  • Improve management practices and spend time developing managers by making them the first actors of change and by developing the attributes of “sustainable competitiveness manager"
  • Arouse interest but also pride in the teams on themes related to competitiveness, operational excellence and continuous improvement
  • Develop teams’ agility
  • Rely on participative modes of intervention so as to promote ownership by the field and to obtain quick results

Filled with these convictions, we have helped our clients (in all sectors) to accomplish significant and lasting leaps in performance, whether it be in the area of a drastic reduction in Turnover or strong growth

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