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We have created an “innovation lab” on how to drive transformation


Olivier Mouton, Director

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To maintain the lead when driving the transformation of organizations, we have created at Kea an "Innovation lab".

The current themes:

  • NTS: Net Transformer Score
  • The silent transformation
  • Inspired vision and transformation path
  • Compasses
  • The socio-dynamic HR management
  • Values and culture

NTS: is your company ready to transform itself?
NTS is an online investigation tool that we have developed to evaluate the capacity of an organization to transform itself.
Is it ready?  Who are the project allies? What actions should be implemented to develop the transformation potential and to create conditions that are favorable to change?
The results of this study identify the teams that are ready to make the commitment and the levers to press. It guides the transformation strategy, the breadth of the action plan and the way to set the company in motion.

The silent transformation: how to implement the conditions that are favorable to change and to take action?
We focus on the aim of an organization and not on objectives: "To not shoot the sprouts, but to till the land", "Seize the opportunities that mark the path, rather than carve the path".
In other words, it means focusing on indirect modes of action that motivate people to do something. To become aware of the stakes and develop the capacity of each person to adapt, to change the way people behave, influence their culture…
L’enjeu est de développer la capacité d’opportunisme éclairé dans toute l’organisation.
The challenge is to develop a capacity for enlightened opportunism throughout the organization.
In addition to our consulting know-how, we have created KeaPrime to offer our clients levers such as educating leaders, developing management skills or learning experiences that facilitate awareness.

Inspired vision and transformation path
Building an inspirational vision requires exploring five fundamental principles: the company’s mission, its intangible assets, market trends, the lessons learned on history and past strategies, the expression of the future
It is not to build strategy, but to project the organization into the future, and at the same time, to define the transformation path.
Our partner Tilt Ideas brings us, in this respect, its three skills in the areas of prospecting, brand and innovation.

The compasses: how can you measure that your transformation is moving forward in the right direction, when all things cannot be measured (internal culture, relationship with clients…)?
We have built a compass scorecard. This tool measures, from the moment a program is launched, all the concerned fields. It is a governance framework that traces the path and enables to pilot all the tangible and intangible components.
The objective is to engage and to drive the transformation, to detect the weak signals before the tangible results are visible.

Leadership: how to enable your management to support the ambition and to take responsibility for the desired boost in performance?
To strengthen managers and leaders when performing their jobs and to help them support the transformation, we design tailored measures prompting them down an individual and collective path.
We activate, over time, levers such as: management reference, management university, co-development management approaches, evolution of evaluation processes…and we connect the pace of this program to your global transformation. We rely on the expertise of Kea Prime.

Socio-dynamic HR: how can HR generate trust, create energy, the "entrepreneurial spirit" so as to better grasp the increasing complexity of your markets and your organizations?
We devise and implement courses of action and measures to position HR as an actor of change, beyond its sovereign functions.

Values and culture: can we measure whether your company’s values are in good health?
Assuming that a culture that supports positive values generates economic performance, it seems important, in our opinion, to have a measurement tool.
For this we use the evaluation method developed by Richard Barrett: CTT, Cultural Transformation Tools. This method enables to measure the culture of organizations or nations. It shows executives if their organizations’ values are in good health and reveals the negative values, which help illustrate various courses of action to improve performance. 

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