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Intangible assets are a company’s treasures


Jérôme Julia, Director & Hervé Baculard, Senior Partner

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Moving towards a real management and cultural revolution!

Leverage companies’ intangible assets, the idea seems obvious but every day we see that it is difficult to leave old reflexes behind. The difference between industrial economy and intangible economy is old hat and maintains the rift. An inspired vision and a priority for action: this is our objective!

Let us not expect international accounting institutions to agree on “assigning” a value to each intangible asset; to begin, we must prepare for a revolution in strategic thinking and for a cultural transformation. The ball is rolling… and as with every Socio-dynamic transformation, it is important to motivate, to act and to incite to act.

“Give yourself a fifteen minute head start “, leverage intangible assets in the economy; What must be done so that this major factor of competitiveness does not stay outside our company? These are the questions we seek answers to, this is our challenge!

What are intangible assets? They are a company’s crown jewels, invisible to the naked eye, not managed, not accounted for, and whose values exceed that of the human capital or brand value.

Activating these intangible assets is a formidable source of renewable energy; It enables to rediscover one’s strengths in a highly competitive world, to develop growth and profitability, to facilitate employee recognition and commitment.

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