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Benoît Gajdos

Can a company consider that its sustainable development is not relevant?


Benoît Gajdos, Senior Partner

8 des 10 valeurs souhaitées par les Français relèvent du développement durable

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What is a company’s social responsibility (CSR) if not to engage, today and tomorrow, in activities that are in harmony with its environment and stakeholders?
This notion is not new but changes in context give rise to new questions:

  • With raw materials becoming scarcer and more expensive how can we be sure that companies’ needs will be satisfied?
  • How can companies ensure that the know-how, skills and the production means that they need throughout their value chain are sustainable?
  • How can companies master the impact their activities have on the environment whose declining health has serious direct and indirect consequences for human beings?
  • How to attract and keep men and women who are indispensable to a company by best responding to their development aspirations?
  • How to harmoniously integrate the company into the society in which it evolves?

So many questions that have and will have a significant impact on economic performance and a company’s development.
This given has prompted us to include CSR objectives into our consulting practice, to help executives to both think about their company’s strategy and to define their product and service offering, to adapt the organization and methods, to rethink the way they manage or to invent a new type of relationship with society.

CSR is also a subject that Kea & Partners deals with every day.
We have created a work environment in which our collaborators can thrive, in line with each personality. We support social causes through a policy of skill sponsorship. We adapt the way we function and live so as to limit our impact on the environment.

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