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Jérôme Danon, Senior Partner

Ambitious personal projects gave rise to our ventures


Jérôme Danon, Senior Partner

“All humans are entrepreneurs not because they should start companies but because the will to create is encoded in human DNA.”


Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder

Vincent Jeanteur
Kea Prime

Soraya Sebbani
Kea & Partners Morocco

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Cyril Vogel
Kea & Partners Latino America

Kea Prime

A wholly owned venture of Kea & Partners, Kea Prime focuses on developing Man’s ability to transform the company. It was created in July 2012, by Vincent Jeanteur.

We are, thus, supporting a personal skill development project that is in line with the firm’s ambitions. To know more about Kea Prime:

Stéphanie Brouard, Vincent Jeanteur, Alice de Puybusque


Kea  & Partners Morocco

We opened an office in Morocco in 2011.

What motivated us to create this company was our ambition to expand our international footprint as well as a desire by Soraya Sebbani, a Kea & Partners’ consultant, to settle in Morocco.
Together, we built a project that responds to these two wishes. The jointly-owned company was created by Kea & Partners and Soraya, who benefits from methodological and operational support from The Transformation Alliance.


Kea & Partners Latin America

This company, too, is the result of our desire to expand our global presence and the personal ambition of Cyril Vogel to settle in Latin America, where he once lived and managed numerous multi-national projects.

After testing different partnerships with local entities, we seized this opportunity to create, with him, an office in Brazil. As Soraya, he benefits from methodological and operational support from The Transformation Alliance.
To know more about Kea & Partners Latin America:

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