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Kea & Partners is an adventure I started in 2001 with Hervé Baculard, Jérôme Danon, Marc Smia and François Zoetelief Tromp, Senior Partners coming from Gemini Consulting and former Bossard Consultants.
They all wished to be independent consultants at the service of corporate executives.

In October 2001, in the middle of a crisis – the collapse of the twin towers in New York, the explosion of the internet bubble, the Enron case  that would cause the demise of Arthur Andersen –, the firm was officially born.

In spite of the circumstances, our project remained on track. In January 2002, there were already 50 people on board, all shareholders of the partnership. The firm was built with experienced consultants, who had previously worked for renowned firms.

Our ambition was strong and the innovative work, both on the consulting profession and the transformation of organizations, was already underway.
“Good fairies watched over our baby”. To support us and guarantee that we were on the right track, approximately forty outside investors, seduced by the project, made a personal commitment. Loyal clients accompanied us and proposed projects to be managed in their organizations.

From the beginning, we managed missions abroad. Obviously we could not limit our activity to the French mainland. How can we be preferred partners to executives if we limit ourselves to France only ? We therefore welcomed people with a dual-culture in the team. This is still true today. However, without local offices, international expansion is limited. After testing several collaborations we then looked for genetically-compatible partners and laid the foundation for an Alliance with Preera, a Swedish firm. The Transformation Alliance was officially born in 2010, and was rapidly reinforced by the German company h&z, followed by the arrival in 2012 of the Italian MBS Consulting firm.

Moreover, we established the Kea & Partners brand in Morocco in 2011 and in Brazil in 2012 thanks to our consultants’ entrepreneurial spirit.

Today, The Transformation Alliance is composed of more than 350 consultants, including 130 in France. It is established in 9 countries (Austria, Brazil, Dubai, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Sweden and Switzerland) and operates in the five continents.

And the story is just beginning!

Partnership as a vehicle to transmit our DNA