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Culture is stronger than strategy


Philippe Mondan, Director

In the USA, S&P 500 companies elected "great place to work" are 4 time more profitable than the others.

French and Swedish values – how different are they, in reality?



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Our values were embeded in our shareholders vision charter: human qualities, intellectual honesty, independant recommendations, priority to long-term relationships with clients, results oriented mindset, and development of employees' autonomy. 

It illustrates the emphasis Kea puts on culture. That's why our collective project is built on this body of values and this mindset influences each of our actions. However, while it is easy to express values, it is difficult to apply and convey them on a daily basis. Reality is what is perceived and what is experienced.

Culture is stronger than strategy:

One can make strategic errors or poor investment choices, but culture must be fed by strong values. Letting negative ones prosper undermines a company’s foundation. But where are they discussed in companies? Positive values exist, but are they clearly expressed? Do executives really feel responsible for them? Do they show them respect?

This is crucial because there is a proven link between strong values and economic performance. We have measurement tools that we use with our clients, like the Cultural Value Assessment (CVA), one of the CTT tools developed by Richard Barrett. Based on a survey, the CVA asseses organization’s cultural health through perceived and desired personal values. It is quite easy to measure the negative economic effects of restraining values. For instance, deals can be lost if people work in silos, lack of client focus sabotages development dynamics… cultural failure is an avenue worth exploring when seeking to generate performance.

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