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Hervé Lefèvre

Partnership as a vehicle to transmit our DNA


Hervé Lefèvre, Senior Vice President


of our employees are shareholders

Kea & Partners, a story built to last...


Culture is stronger than strategy


Kea & Partners is a very open partnership with the objective to build a sustainable community of professionals who own their company. 60 % of our employees are shareholders and the capital is widely distributed.

Consultants start buying shares after 3 to 4 years of experience and their participation gradually increases in line with their professional development. Partners have to sell their shares at the age of 57 and leave the partnership. This process has been engraved in the company’s charter from the beginning.

Transmission is an important pillar of the company’s culture.

When we founded Kea, our ambition was to create a well-positioned consulting brand. Our intention was to allow the next generation to take over after founders reach the age limit. Sustainability is the core issue in a transmission process. The objective is to maximize immaterial assets, with the will to leave a footprint in this world.

Selling shares of a company is usually driven by financial profit. Transmitting shares is different. Writing in our charter that employees must sell their shares at the age of 57 is not enough. We had to imagine both financial and management schemes that would enable younger employees to gradually take over the management of the company.

In June 2013, I left the partnership as planned and handed the Presidency over to Arnaud Gangloff. He was unanimously elected. The transmission had been an on-going process for the past three years. I continue to perform my job as a consultant for my clients at Kea & Partners… with the same pleasure.

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