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Our ecosystem is constantly evolving. We work with talented partners who challenge our ideas, encourage us to put things into perspective and enrich us with their know-how and unique points of views.

The Transformation Alliance: this alliance was officially founded in 2010. Created under our leadership, it is composed of four sister firms: h&z, Kea & Partners, MBS Consulting and Preera.

This community of 350 consultants share the same values and a common project. The alliance has offices in 9 countries (Germany, Austria, Brazil, Dubai, France, Italy, Morocco, Sweden and Switzerland) and operates on five continents. The sister firms are independent. However, they benefit from sharing their know-how and cultural diversity.

Kea & Partners’ “daughter companies”: the “daughter companies” originated from Kea consultants’ entrepreneurial projects: Kea Prime, developing managers’ and leaders’ ability to transform. Kea & Partners Morocco as well as Kea & Partners Latin America have established our presence outside of France.

  • Tilt ideas is a venture in which Kea & Partners consultants have a 35% stake. It was co-founded by Brice Auckenthaler and Sophie Combes.

Innovation Factory is the first French digital innovation cluster campus who:

  • Encourages collaboration between unrelated universes (general managers, start-ups, students, investors…)
  • Fosters the innovation processes via debates between students of the Web School Factory and operational teams.
  • Speeds up innovation in companies by enabling them to quickly go from idea to industrialization.

We helped Anne Lalou, its general manager, to launch the cluster. Today, as Associate Partner of the Innovation Factory, we greatly strengthen our digital culture, while offering our clients a platform to accelerate their digital transformation.

AKDV is a design agency working with us since the creation ok Kea&Partners. AKDV created our visual identity and designed our work environment. As Business Partners, we also team up on subjects related to developing new points of sales concepts.

France Billand is an independent artistic director who created her own structure: le Verbe et l'Image. As a Semiologist and graphic artist, she helps us create our identity and designs most of our printed media.

Partnership as a vehicle to transmit our DNA


Vincent Jeanteur
Kea Prime