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Laurence Dothée Steinecker

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Laurence Dothée Steinecker, Marketing Director

80 conferences
4 000

Can we imagine new approaches of the complexity?


Through the different meetings we organize, we bring insights on a variety of company transformation themes and invite executives as well as researchers, philosophers or teachers to share their views

We organize different kinds of events:

Round tables personalities from the economic, political and educational worlds  

Ex.: "Toward a sustainable society: a debate between two committed executives", "Roadmap: business development in Brazil", "Transformation as seen by the public and private sectors", "To transform multi-national and multi-cultural companies"…

Conferences on different themes with testimonials

Ex.: "E-commerce", "Relational signature", “Lean Management", "Cost reduction and sustainable competitiveness", "Transformation and Purchasing"…

Think tanks for executives

Ex.: "Sustainable development and leadership", "The fifteen minute head start"…

Symposiums, 1 to 2-day debates

Ex.: "City of Commerce and Consumption, what stakes for democracy? ", 75 speakers (executives, politicians, professors, philosophers, sociologists…), more than 1,000 participants.

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We publish books that describe our approach