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We aspire to being a consulting school, in other words, to bringing our special “touch” in the way we help transforming organizations by using a distinctive execution strategy.
We own a lot to the academic world and to our interactions with intellectuals. They contributed a lot to feed our innovation stream and to produce new ideas and approaches.
Let us give here credit to those renowned personalities with whom we successfully collaborated:

Jean-Christian Fauvet, (deceased in 2010) worked with us from the beginning. He wanted us to build upon the management doctrine he invented: Sociodynamics. We collaborated with him for ten years, and this gave birth to "The Sociodynamic Letter".
In fact, the sociodynamic tools are part of our basic principles, and we built a collection of methodologies on sociodynamic transformation. The Sociodynamic Letters, issues 12, 14 and 17 of our publication “La Revue”, describe this collaboration.

Jacques Jochem was Kea’s Innovation Director from 2001 to 2005. He encouraged us to be different, to go beyond traditional consultant methods. He made organization’s transformation the cornerstone of our development.
The Vision, its influence on behaviours, the four management modes or even the program of Transformation are approaches that result from our cooperation. The first six issues of La Revue illustrate this. Jacques continues to inspire us with his advice and opinions.

Michel Saloff-Coste helped us explore the strengths and weaknesses of mimicry and uniqueness concepts. Our creative strategy process benefitted greatly from this work in common. This led to our work on intangible assets. Issues 8 and 10 of La Revue summarize our discussions. The subject of “intangible assets” is currently one of our fields of development. And the book “Les immatériels actifs” and the blog on this subject are tangible proofs of this continuous work process.

François Jullien provides us with a philosopher’s and sinologist’s insight; he challenges our awareness of our Western culture using ancient Chinese culture as a mirror. Chinese thinkers thought about transformation well before Westerners and François helps us to take advantage of a better knowledge of the difference in the way both cultures think and to open new channels in strategy and management.
New transformation concepts emerged from this cooperation, with key concepts like «bringing to maturity" or "creating the right conditions". François Jullien is the author of two enlightening articles in issues 12 and 14 of La Revue
Our support of the Altérité chair and our presentation during the Cerisy seminar illustrate our close collaboration.

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