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In 2001, when we founded Kea&Partners, we knew that the international dimension was a necessity if we wanted to reach our goal: that  of creating a new reference in the consulting world. It was also our wish, since most of us had the opportunity to work abroad and we wanted our consultants to benefit from this extraordinary source of enrichment.

Of course, it is not easy to immediatly have offices in thirty countries.

We, therefore, started with modesty but with the faith of an entrepreneur, driving international projects ourselves, with those of our consultants who had international experience and even multi-cultural profiles. Our clients trusted us and we successfully drove, from the very first years, operations in the UK or in Italy, as wel as Mexico, United States, Indonesia, Korea, Japan...

However, we had to go further for our clients and consultants. As Transformation projects were our specialty, indeed we work hard to employ this new way to accept complexity of humans in the world ans to work with it, we knew there were other professionnals outside of France who shared these views. We thought that if we approached them, if we built together a professional community based on the same view of our profession, while remaining financially independent, we would have something more solid to offer than integrated networks that are somewhat disconnected.

We, therefore, started seeking out these "soul mate" companies and we were right to follow our intuition; we found them first in the US and in Germany. We got to know ourselves. We also understood what we absolutely needed to verify in order to successfully build a real, solid and sustainable alliance.

Finally, with Preera, the Swedish company, we laid the foundation for this Alliance, in which the respect of each person's independence is a key element to guarantee solid local attachment - and that creates strong links thanks to the common project and shared values. The Swedes provided us with an original wiewpoint, particularly on how to involve many collaborators when designing solutions. Moreover, the h&z firm, based in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, that joined us in 2010, brings us considerable expertise in the area of operational transformation, particularly in industrial environments.

We are developing with the teams from h&z, Preera and MBS, our Italian sister company since 2012, a very strong and very deep complicity, based on our experience and common projects. And today, thanks to our four European firms, The Transformation Alliance is present in 8 countries (Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Sweden, Swirzerland) and composed of more than 400 consultants who share a common ambition.

In the next few years, we plan to have built an original organization that is located in Europe, America and Asia, that differs from other consulting firms in the world, and able to propose a Transformation practice that is rich, diverse, and at the same time coherent.

And the story is just beginning!




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