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Helping top executives transform their businesses and organisations is our core activity.

When we launched Kea & Partners in 2001, our main goal was to build a new reference in the consulting world and we did it.

What makes us stand out from other strategy and management consultants? And so successfull?

Many transformation projects deliver short-term financial results such as bottom line savings or increases in efficiency. But too often, over the longer term things gradually return to the previous state. Rather than the hoped-for transformation, the project only produces short-term improvements.

Why is this such a common outcome? In our experience, it is because most change projects focus predominantly on the ‘rational’ aspects. Success is measured by ‘hard’ data such as cost savings or process improvements, and the solution is typically developed and driven by management or consultants. Often it is designed with little or no input from the people who will be affected, and who will ultimately have to deliver it.

Our approach is based on preparing our clients for the long term and ensuring they continue to benefit long after the project is complete.

Of course ‘hard’ data and financial results are important. But we believe successful transformation also delivers long-term resilience – an increased ability to meet and overcome the challenges the organisation faces, now and into the future.

Our consulting way is a collaborative one, based on co-creation. We help our clients create high-performing organisations by building the capability of their people to live up to existing and future challenges. We work alongside them, to help them unlock the talents and motivation of their own people – this is how we are different and unique…

What is the added value of our consultants? What is their role?

They go way beyond the scope of common consulting. They bring the added value of our expertise in Transformation to their practice.

They know how to combine strategy and culture, design and implementation, rational and people-centered approaches.

They are with the client every day, close to the teams. They go deep into their understanding of the company's history, of the culture, of the way people act and react. They work together hand in hand with the managers, in co-development mode, to come-up with the most appropriate solutions and to bring the energy that will ensure future success.

They all share a common approach and vision based on unlocking the potential and motivation of each organisation’s own people to achieve real, sustainable change.




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