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5 milestones in your career path


Sylvie, Director

Professional Development and Employer Brand

At Kea & Partners, we expect our consultants to demonstrate their capabilities and potential in 3 main dimensions.

We look for EXCELLENCE, as most consulting firms do. However, to the traditional problem solving playground of a management and strategy consultant, we add what we call the Art of Transformation. That is why, we progressively take our consultants in a position where they are comfortable with both analytical and emotional matters. In other words, they have to be able to combine strategic approaches with a good understanding of corporate values and culture, whatever they work on. Morover, we push them to continuously innovate in the way they tackle our client’s issues.

We promote CRITICAL AND PROACTIVE THINKING: we encourage our consultants to form their personal convictions, and to express them loud and clear. We expect them to commit to our clients, to share their stakes and to challenge them in their decision making process and in their actions.

We nurture A STYLE THAT FITS OUR DNA AND OUR UNIQUENESS: no arrogance, but empathy, humility and a strong ambition for our clients first. One characteristic of our consultants is their ability to be quickly accepted by clients’ teams. They are valued for their impact and their ability to significantly interact with senior management as well as with middle management or field employees, who ultimately are at the core of transformation.

5 steps will mark your career path

CONSULTANT: 3 years to discover what consulting at Kea&Partners is all about. You will work with very diverse teams on a wide variety of cases and clients. What we expect from you as a Consultant : to acquire basic skills in transformation consulting, to progressively identify your favourite knowledge areas, and to gain autonomy in more and more complex components of our projects.

SENIOR CONSULTANT: 3 to 4 years to develop specialized knowledge and project management capabilities. You will choose and join one of our practises, and focus on an industry or on specific business issues. You will learn how to manage significantly larger and more complex components of our projects. It will be your turn to manage young consultants, help them learn, and challenge them to grow. You will go on growing in building strong client relationships and your own professional network. You will start contributing to our development and innovation thoughts.

MANAGER: The right time for you to enhance and consolidate your industry-focused or cross-functional skills, but, above all, the right moment to develop your leadership skills to manage diverse teams and projects as a project leader. You will be more and more involved in business and client relationships development. You will also have a growing role in thought leadership. During those 4 to 6 years as a Manager, we will expect your potential in all those areas to develop strongly.

DIRECTOR: As a trusted advisor and a thought leader in your domain for our clients as well as for your peers, you will play a crucial role in disseminating and promoting our views internally and on the market place. You will work directly with clients at the most senior levels and will have a strong contribution to our business development and growth.

SENIOR PARTNER: As a member of a group of entrepreneurs, you will daily have to face the responsibilities that go with it - business, management, strategic orientations, operational decisions, networks and relationships, publications, etc. - and as usual, clients, projects, consulting teams...




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