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graduated from Ecole des Mines de Paris in 2011



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I have been with Kea&Partners for more than 8 years, but what still impresses me is first the trust the company has placed in me and second, the fact that I have gained in autonomy with each new experience and project.

The people I work with are concerned with helping me rapidly progress, while being careful not to let me take the plunge too quickly.

We call it "dynamic imbalance", a fundamental principal when mentoring junior consultants who are learning the job. The way a novice consultant is exposed to client teams is a good example of the trust placed in junior consultants. From the very first days, after a detailed brief on the assignment we were about to embark on, I went to see the client with my project manager and we met together the CEO and the Marketing Director! Then, I progressively had the opportunity to directly interact with my face-offs, to measure the impact of my day to day activities and to have a comprehensive view of the work that was accomplished. As I worked on projects over time, I was able to progressively create my own relationship with the people I interacted with, in line with their level of responsibility and the subjects addressed.

My responsibilities evolved as I gained more experience, which enabled me to become more autonomous.

I have detailed briefings with my project leaders at the start of each mission to help me understand the client’s needs, the approach to follow, to answer my questions, and to ensure that I am comfortable with the role I am assigned.

Then, throughout the project, more experienced colleagues continuously concentrate on finding the right balance between working with us, junior consultants to teach us the fundamentals of the job, having us do the job by ourselves and debriefing us after to help us progress. This applies to performing analyses as well as when preparing or conducting a meeting, a client interview, or formalizing a benchmark….

As a result, each consultant has the satisfaction of seeing his/her role and responsibilities evolve week after week. On a project in which we were piloting strategic activities, I began by working on the content of the analyses. Then, I took the lead on handling the relationships with the various stakeholders as my expertise of the topics grew. And finally, I became more autonomous with the entire job. Moreover, on the governance side, my project manager and I began by co-building the elements. Then, she let me propose the important points that should be presented to the top management to secure our progress… so that we could think together about the changes to be implemented.

Finally, each new project represents a new challenge, which is essential in our learning curve.

The discovery of a new sector, of a new subject, adapting to a new client, to a new project manager, in other words to new ways of working… could be disturbing and stressful. But in fact, even if an adjustment period is necessary, they are, above all, fantastic learning accelerators!




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