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In March 2006, after a first experience as director of a bank’s branch, I decided to join Kea&Partners. I was attracted by their rigorous approach and the quality of their methods, the sincerity of their convictions, their unique style and their way of being and interacting. I felt that they were so different from many of their fellow consultancies. It has been 10 years now, and I am still passionate about strategy and management consulting as it is practised at Kea&Partners.

I like the idea we have of excellence and I develop and foster it with great pleasure.

We are convinced of our added value as consultants, but we try to be discreet, and not to show off in our daily work at the clients’. We are committed to our clients’success but we ensure that they keep the lead,  we stay one step behind them, at times considerate or insistent, but never in the limelight. Our everyday job is to be alongside, and to incite them to imagine, to formalize their project on their own. We help them create the right conditions so that the project becomes reality. This can neither come true by imposing models, nor by working and thinking in « the back-office ». We place our expertise in the hands of the decision-makers we work with. Of course, most of the time, we actively participate in the thinking process, in the analysis and design… But, there is one key thing in our approach : the spirit of co-creation that characterizes the way we work with our client.

For us, excellence means devoting as much intelligence and know-how to the way projects are implemented as to their content.

In our opinion, there is no good strategy that only focuses on the target to be reached. No target can be reached without following a planned route and not just any route, any way and any old how. The way we start, the way we follow the route, the route itself, could often prevent us from reaching our objective. So, no matter how sharp our industry or functional expertise is, we never begin designing a project on paper without first thinking, choosing, accompanying our client down the path that will lead to his objective.

Finally, that our clients’ project benefit from our ambition is also part of our idea of excellence.

We never take the « givens of a problem » for granted. Thanks to our open-mindedness, our association with other professionals outside the consulting business, our know-how and knowledge, we can challenge the evidence, and to help our clients see things from a different perspective, to encourage them to surpass their initial objective. 

So, for a Kea&Partners consultant, seeking excellence in his way of working begins by being demanding on a personal level and able to listen to elder peers. It means accepting criticism and questioning oneself as often as possible. Thus, it is also celebrating the clients’success before being satisfied with one’s own work.




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