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I joined Kea&Partners 7 years ago. Before I had spent 4 years in another strategy and management consulting firm and some time in the Internal Auditing department of a cosmetics group.

Both personal and professional reasons pushed me to switch from consulting to operations.

On a professional level, I felt increasingly frustrated, like many consultants, when it came to implementing the recommendations I had worked on: « Will my client take these recommendations into account or will he leave put them on the back burner? »

On a personal level, I felt  that I was not enjoying my best years and granting too much importance to my career.

By choosing a job as internal auditor, I remained quite close to consulting, while joining a ‘real company’. The risk that I took was not so high. Besides, I was dreaming of a company with a strong culture. I joined a family business and I was eager to develop a strong sense of belonging. I was also expecting to work hand in hand with operational teams and to be able to help them implement changes that we would have thought of together. Moreover, I though that this step in internal auditing could serve as a future move towards an operational career. Last but not least in my quest, I was aiming for a rich and well balanced personal life. But my expectations remained mostly unfulfilled.

Once in the company, I realized how strong my freedom of thought had been when I was a consultant and how much I missed it in my new position.

Not only I did not find what I was looking for, but I also quickly missed what I liked in consulting: competition and challenge, diversity of topics, high professional standards, high level of commitment. I also missed the close relationship that I had with my management and the pleasure I took in coaching younger consultants and above all the fresh, critical and constructive outsider’s eye that we bring to our clients.

So, I decided to go back again to consulting, but not just to any consultancy.

A human-sized company, with a strong identity, dealing with a wide range of topics and businesses, believing in both a client-centric and people-centric approach to consulting. Indeed, working in operations provided me with an “insider’s view” on how organizations and operational teams work. I was convinced that the only consultants who can leave their mark on their client's company are those who are able to make sure that their recommendations are put in place by the client's teams and who prepare them for the change that they will have to face... In a nutshell, what we call Transformation at Kea&Partners!

Today, as a Director in the Banking team in Kea, I have found everything I was looking for, including the right balance I was expecting between a satisfying and stimulating professional life and a busy private life, given that I am now the mother of 2 very young children.




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